Gentle Stranger - Loved And Unlearnt

Loved And Unlearnt

Gentle Stranger

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CD Album (PRAH020DXCD)
  1. Idle Messenger (peb 'Spiral Shell' Remix)
  2. Love And Unbass (Piglet Remix)
  3. Dunce Disco Anthem (Ben Vince Remix)
  4. Plastic Skeleton (sexy princess 'Frog Quiz Inner Tube' Remix)
  5. New Insect Lite (Mat Riviere Remix)
  6. Call Me Back L8r (Hall&Rauch 'I'm Busy Dancing' Remix)
  7. Insects In The Sugar Water Timidly Rupture Our Favourite Gullets (Jennifer Walton Remix)
  8. Hurry Horse (Malvern Brume Remix)
  9. Like A Deer (Sholto Dobie Remix)
  10. Two To Carry (Slander & Oliver Hamilton Remix)
  11. Basic Stretches (6a6y 6 Remix)
  12. Rook In The Rafters (Plastique Fantastique Remix)
  13. Love And Unbrass (Ashley Paul Remix)
  14. Trope After Trope (The Dog End Remix)
  15. Foxglove (Nick Harris Remix)
  16. Smoke Alarms (Kiran Leonard Remix)
  17. Kestrel (Guy Davie's 'Casper's Dream' Remix)
  18. Love And Unlearn (Max-Louis Raugel 'Draft of a Liveset Remix)
  19. Obvious As Snow (Merlin Nova Remix)