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Hannah Holland

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Hannah Holland - Tectonic

DJ, producer, label boss and soundtrack composer, Hannah Holland has never been one to tie herself to mediums. Now, on her debut studio album Tectonic, released on PRAH Recordings on September 17th, Holland pours her career to date into one outstanding and diverse body of work.

Hannah Holland has long been a mainstay of London’s queer and alternative club scene. Her eclectic DJ sets have taken her from Berlin’s infamous Berghain, NYC with friends The Carry Nation, Glastonbury’s NYC Downlow and legendary parties Adonis and Trailer Trash. She’s remixed the likes of Goldfrapp, The Knife and Metronomy and run her label Batty Bass for over ten years.

More recently however Holland has been moving into soundtrack work with 2020’s critically acclaimed Channel 4 drama Adult Material, directed by Dawn Shadforth firmly putting her on the map as a composer and proving very much an influence on how she approached Tectonic. Her score for the Steve Conway directed film Electrician was named in the official selection of New York Cinematography’s Best Original Score in last year and winner of Best Music Top Indie Film Awards Tokyo.

Tectonic straddles her love of the dancefloor with an increasingly cinematic expanse. Traces of Holland’s past emerge and dissolve – the post-punk Cure-esque basslines of opener Ode To Neneh and Midnight Horizon, the breaks that drive the otherwise dreamlike Atom Dancer – as the producer seeks to encapsulate where she’s been and where she’s going across twelve mesmerising tracks. Shutters, written when Holland had just moved to the British seaside, was "inspired by day time dancing and the deep summer sizzling heat. Straight up genre defying UK dance."

“I wanted to experiment with depth and space in the record,” she says. “I was thinking of what I would like to listen to while I’m travelling, on my own in my headphones: an experience someone can get intimate with. It can at times translate to the dancefloor but it’s also a movie for the ears.”
released September 17, 2021


12" Vinyl Album (PRAH036LP)
  1. Ode to Neneh (short version)
  2. Shutters
  3. Sth Ldn
  4. SH2
  5. Afters
  6. Midnight Horizon
  7. Beams
  8. Bustle
  9. Silhouette Swarms
  10. Tectonic
  11. Raindrops