Leo Robinson - The Temple

The Temple

Leo Robinson

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12" Vinyl Album 10 tracks £24.99


Leo Robinson - The Temple

After being an integral part of the Manchester and Glasgow underground scenes, LEO ROBINSON announces his debut solo album under his own name: The Temple will be released 27th October on PRAH Recordings.

A baroque epic set in the mundane settings of contemporary Northern England, its narrative reflects a spiritual or psychoanalytic journey. Ten songs dealing in intricate string-tinged folk, and produced with a sense of up-close intimacy and structural freedom that frequently blindsides the listener in the best possible way.

The record’s overarching narrative of the evolution of consciousness is ruminated over via a deftly built tension within melodies that are never quite allowed to reach unfettered euphoria; Robinson is a master of allowing a composition to ebb and flow.


12" Vinyl Album (PRAH057LP)
  1. The Temple
  2. The Serpent
  3. The Pavement
  4. The Wintering
  5. The Pink Light
  6. The Dunes
  7. The Distance
  8. The Cormorant
  9. The Temple II
  10. The Spring