Gentle Stranger - Upon Return

Upon Return

Gentle Stranger

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12" Vinyl Album 20 tracks £24.99


Gentle Stranger - Upon Return

Staging an attempt to gloss their music, Gentle Stranger say it recalls “throwing a bouncy ball into a hall of mirrors”. It’s telling that normal routes of describing music - your typical band boilerplate of “such and such meets such and such” or “we just play guitar, us, and leave the writing up to you” - doesn’t suffice for the London collective; instead a more arcane, more potent image is fired back, a wonky and poetic idea that’s instantly more arresting, more substantial.

For the newly-initiated, Gentle Stranger are a self-described “post-clown” outfit that oscillate between musical forms, achieving a bewildering, almost Joycean experimental sweep; pastiche, parody, burlesque, earnest composition, genre interrogation and progression - they cover it all. Their renowned live performances see the trio cycle through an arsenal of musical instruments, apparatus, tackle, and stuff. The set (part of the reason for their now cult-like following) hangs together intricately, a fractal clockwork machine that relies on movement and spatial-awareness as much as it does timing and musicality.

Available on super limited edition vinyl featuring a signed, numbered woodcut print on banks cream paper by Tom Hardwick-Allan. Plus hand written trackless and lyric sheet with a hand cut bay leaf. Hand-stamped edition of 100.

released November 25, 2022


12" Vinyl Album (PRAH053LP)
  1. Life Without Natural Snow
  2. Order Up
  3. Dunce Disco
  4. Spider
  5. Since The Plough / Kinclaven Brig / Morpeth Rant
  6. Flutterby
  7. Butterfly
  8. Do You Wanna Go?
  9. Two to Carry Two
  10. Insects Dressed as Birds Have Learnt Not to Dwell Upon Their Achievements
  11. Post Clown
  12. Where Did My Dunce Disco Go? (Dead!)
  13. Dragonfly
  14. N.I.L.
  15. Lime Leaf
  16. In The Name of Love
  17. Crow
  18. Since The Hares
  19. Imagine Roses
  20. Last Row Sown