Oliver Coates - Upstepping


Oliver Coates

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12" Vinyl Album 9 tracks £10.99


Oliver Coates - Upstepping

Fuelled by caffeine, early Orbital and Photek, ‘Upstepping’ is an album of newclassical electronic experimentalism where Coates pushes the boundaries of what a cello is capable of. As Coates explains, “About 95 per cent of the sounds are derived from recording the cello and processing it digitally. A hi-hat equivalent is often a distorted, compressed and heavily EQ’d horsehair-on-steel stroke. All the melodic pitched sounds, even the ones that feel like keys, are samples
of the tail of a cello harmonic. For example, ‘Perfect Love’ is a study in grey, concealing the source – it’s 100 per cent made from different types of cello attack.”

The result is an astonishing record rich in the sonic and rhythmic palette of dance and electronic music - with hints of early rave, garage and the sounds of 1980s London pirate radios – and one which re-defines the possibilities of classical instrumentation.
released May 13, 2016


12" Vinyl Album (PRAH006LP)
  1. Innocent Love
  2. Timelapse (Walrus)
  3. Bambi 2046
  4. Perfect Love
  5. Memorial To Hitchens
  6. The Irish Book of Death & Flying Ships
  7. Stash
  8. Rise & Fall
  9. Memorial to Hitchens (Ghost Culture Remix)